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Parker 51 Vacumatic, Cedar Blue, Fine 14K gold nib

Parker 51 Vacumatic, Cedar Blue, Fine 14K gold nib

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Type: Vintage Fountain Pen

Product Name: Parker 51 Vacumatic

Manufacture Year:  1944

Length: 5 3/8

Filling System: Vacumatic, new diaphragm 

Color/Pattern: Cedar Blue, Lustraloy Cap, Split Arrow Clip

Nib Type/Condition and remarks: Fine, 14k Gold nib

Condition: Excellent pen, with no chips, cracks, or dings. Good even shiny color with no fading. The cap has micro scratches, the clip is gold-filled. The pearly jewel is in good condition. The imprints are readable. 



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Jeremy Millard
Parker 51 Vacumatic

I bought this pen as my second Parker 51. Initially I bought an aerometric filler model. But, once I had one 51, like many pen collectors I suddenly needed another. So mere weeks after receiving my aero 51 I was on the hunt for a vac 51. Hence, I bought this pen. Great service, love this pen! Will keep Ozark Pen Shop on my radar for future reference! Buy a Parker 51! I wasn’t a believer until I bought one….and ended up with three.